Why counseling with us ?

Career counseling includes a wide variety of professional activities which help people deal with career-related challenges IMPACTRO TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION PVT. LTD. Provide Career counseling, career guidance and career coaching are similar in nature to other types of counseling or coaching


Consulting Features

Professional career guidance centers

IMPACTRO career guidance and counseling centers in India. They give services of guidance and counseling on higher studies, possibilities, chances and nature of courses and institutes. Also that these services are offered either fixing up a meeting with the Experts or having telephonic conversations with the guide or even the online guidance which is very common these days with the people getting services on click of their mouse.

Career testing

People who participate in career counseling can benefit from the use of aptitude tests, or career testing. Career testing is often done online and provides insightful and relatively objective information about which jobs may be suitable for the test taker based on combination of their interests, values and skills. Career tests usually provide a list of recommended jobs that match the test takers attributes with those of people with similar personalities.

Psychometric testing

Covers a wide range of skills, interests and values of people and can be of use in career counseling in different ways. For example: the information won from such tests can be of help for the professionals who mentor, coach or counsel individuals. With psychometric testing, there is no pass or fail, but the quality of the information won from the tests can vary. Psychometric testing uses in-depth psychological profiles to assess personality and intellectual levels.


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