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AVR Microcontroller:

AVR stands for Advance virtual machine developed by Atmel Company in 1996. AVR microcontrollers are adjusted Harvard design 8-bit RISC single-chip microcontrollers. AVR was one of the primary microcontroller families to use on-chip streak memory for program stockpiling, instead of one-time programmable ROM, EPROM, or EEPROM utilized by different microcontrollers at the time.

In actuality the first AVR MCU was created at a nearby ASIC house in Trondheim, Norway, called Nordic VLSI at the time. Among the AVR microcontroller series first designed AVR was the AT90S8515, which in a 40-stick Plunge bundle has an indistinguishable pin out from an 8051 microcontroller, including the outside multiplexed address and information transport. The extremity of the RESET line was inverse (8051's having a dynamic high RESET, while the AVR has a dynamic low RESET), yet other than that the pin out was indistinguishable.

The AVR 8-bit microcontroller design was presented in 1997. By 2003, Atmel had delivered 500 million AVR streak microcontrollers. New platform The Arduino stage for straightforward gadgets ventures was released in 2005 and included ATmega8 AVR microcontrollers. Now a day AVR also got popular of arduino platform like arduino is using various series of AVR to their working environment.

AVR microcontrollers are accessible in three classes:
1. TinyAVR – Less memory, little size, appropriate just for less difficult applications

2. MegaAVR – These are the most famous ones having great measure of memory (upto 256 KB), higher number of inbuilt peripherals and reasonable for direct to complex applications.

3. XmegaAVR – Utilized industrially for complex applications, which require extensive program memory and rapid.

AVR microcontrollers also carry some most advance feature which are backbone of Automobile today’s industry like CAN and LIN protocols

Most commonly Avr microcontroller used in industry are -ATmega 8, atmega 16, atmega 32, atmega 168, atmega 328 and atmega 2560 etc.

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